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release time:2016-08-31

  in august 28th, 2017. ms. beate salvador and mr. sutoris heinz friedrich,directors of procurements from basf global construction materials & ethoxylation process, and mr. hua zhengliang , mr. zhou zhen, purchasing managers from shanghai basf paid theirs visits to our nanjing base. company president, mr. qin xudong, expressed his warmest welcome at the the base. other top management including mr. sun jiaxing, gm of nanjing base, mr.yu kefeng, vp of sales& marketing, prof. yang jianguo, vp of r&d, mr. liang fujun, marketing director, ms. liu xiao xiao, manager of international trade were also at the meeting. both sides had an in-depth discussion during the meeting. the guests conveyed their appreciations for the quick executions of related product developments and productions that required by basf. the basf guests also showed their interests of having a comprehensive co-operational relationships with dynamic.


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