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the company has continuously fed back to the society and has actively participated in the social activities for public good to make greater contributions to our city's spiritual civilization construction and building the harmonious society while creating the economic benefits. through the years, the company has donated a lot of capital in the good deeds such as donation for education and building bridges and roads.

(1) donated a total of rmb 869,500 to fenshui primary school, fenshui middle school, zhoutie primary school and zhoutie middle school to build the school buildings and add the education equipment;

(2) sponsored rmb 405,000 to the undertaking constructions such as the national fire protection, public security, civil administration and environmental protection;

(3) sponsored rmb 150,000 for the road construction in the surrounding villages such as fenshui and chenqiao, rmb 80,000 for fenshui leisure plaza construction and rmb 100,000 for fenshui new bridge construction;

(4) donated more than rmb 100,000 to the charitable funds, disabled games, the hope project and relief of the family in financial difficulties.

(5) in 2002, concerned by the leaders of the town government, manager qin led to sponsor and found "zhoutie town love student foundation"; it contributes rmb 20,000 every year and has lasted for three years till no to help some poverty students of our town to complete their education.

(6) at the end of 2006, the company contributed money to found "tianyin elderly funds", and decided to contributed rmb 100,000 every year for 10 consecutive years, in total of rmb 1,000,000, to distribute the elderly longevity money to the people more than 95 years old and distribute the warmth funds and medical aids to the households enjoying five guarantees in the whole town to build a perfectly satisfactory, serene, healthy and happy twilight years for the old. it has contributed the money in total of rmb 600,000 for six consecutive years till now.

(7) in january 2007, the company voluntarily donated rmb three million to support the charity utility of yixing city, and it will donated rmb 150,000 every year for 20 consecutive years to develop the social charity utility and give back to the society. it has donated for five consecutive years in total of rmb 750,000 till now.

(8) in january 2008, zhoutie town founded the charity foundation, and the company led to donated rmb 500,000 in one time.

(9) in 2008, the company donated rmb 200,000 and the company staff donated a total of rmb 45,000 for wenchuan earthquake.

(10) in december 2010, in the event "gather the social capitals, co-build happy zhoutie", it donated rmb 1,200,000 to zhoutie town in one time.

(11) in 2011, it supported the new rural construction by donating rmb 300,000.

(12) in 2015, it contributed rmb 1,000,000 to support the new rural construction.

(13) in 2016, zhoutie town founded zhuxi education fund, and the company contributed rmb 150,000.

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