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the first international advanced lithography technology symposium was successfully concluded
release time:2017-10-23

from 12th to 13th, october, 2017, the first international symposium for advanced lithography technology was held at beijing international conference center. the symposium was hosted by china strategic alliance of technology &innovation in integrated circuit industry, undertaken by microelectronics research institute of cas ( china academy of science), sponsored by smic、 ymtc、huahong group、mentor、asml、kla tencor、nata、smee、synopsys、toppan、jsr、djel、kingsemi. there are more than 200 guests from many other famous enterprises, manufacturers, scientific research institutions, and universities that across the world participated in the symposium. mr. qinyisheng, board director of dynamic、prof.yang jianguo, vice gm of r&d also attended the symposium.

mr. cao jianlin, chairman of the symposium、director-general of china strategic alliance of technology &innovation in integrated circuit industry、former deputy minister of china ministry of science & technology, mr. ma junru, former director of china foreign experts bureau、deputy inspector of key special affairs office of ministry of science and technology、mr. qiu gang, deputy director of 02 special affairs implementation management office gave their opening speech for the conference.

mr. ye tianchun, vice chairman of the symposium、head of microelectronics research institute of cas gave his analytical report on the current industry trend, mr. wei ya, secretary general of the symposium, researcher and director of computational lithography r&d center, microelectronics research institute of cas officiated the opening ceremony. in accordance with the arrangements of the conference, within the two-day conference period, invited guests from intel, ibm, qualcomm (qualcomm), amd, asml, smic and other companies made a number of invited reports on specific topics. the invited guests made in-depth analysis in terms of the latest technological means and solutions in the field of advanced nodes of lithography, which includes 7nm and below nodes computing lithography technology, smo, dtco, euv, dsa, design rules, lithography equipments, materials, etc.

after the conference, the distinguished guests took a group picture to mark the occasion.

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