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diamond wire silicon cutting fluid





yellowish clear liquid

milky liquid

density(g/ml, 20 ℃)



ph (5% water solution)



moisture(%) ≤



package and transportation

10kgs/plastic drum common chemical

10kgs/plastic drum common chemical


tywsi-1 is a dedicated cutting fluid for diamond wire cutting with its main features as follows: 1) good lubrication with small surface roughness on the silicon 2) good foam-inhibiting ability 3)low viscosity of the cutting fluid with good liquidity in the cutting process 4) good settling function to speed up the settlement of cutting powder 5) anti-corrosion without any corrosion with the diamond wire and equipment 6) good cooling property taking away the heat caused by cutting instantly 7) the silicon is easy to clean after cutting without any organics and metal residues which is good for surface texturing of the silicon.

tywsi-2 is a dedicated anti-foaming agent for diamond wire cutting with its main features as follows: 1) strong anti-foaming ability with small dosage, quick and efficient de-foaming 2) good penetrability and dispersibility 3) small surface tension with good surface balance 4) chemically stable with strong oxidative resistance 5) no residues on the silicon surface and easy to clean 6) no smell and no corrosion to the diamond wire.

application method: tywsi-1 and tywsi-2 in certain proportion go straight into water and be diluted for 400-500 times before use.

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