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methyl epichlorohydrin



molecular formula




specific gravity

ethylene glycol propyl ether



colorless and clear liquid





methyl epichlorohydrin is a kind of important organic chemical raw material and intermediate. important applications include:
the synthesis of epoxy resin: this kind of epoxy resin has a strong resistance to ultraviolet, and it is an important insulation material. its life span is 2 to 3 times longer than that made from epichlorohydrin. both of its electrical performance and mechanical performance are superb. it can blend fine with other kind of resins. due to its strong resistance for high temperature as well as low temperature, it is suitable for large casting.
the synthesis of an active diluent of epoxy resin: diluent can reduce the viscosity of epoxy resin, eliminate bubbles in uncured epoxy resin. as a result, the impregnating ability of epoxy resin is strengthened.
the synthesis of crown ethers tert alcohol: crown ether can be used as a phase transfer catalyst, and the price is a little high, so we can use methyl epichlorohydrin to lower the cost.
the synthesis of stabilizer for the heat recording material. in addition, it can also be used in preparation of fiberglass products, explosives, adhesive, paint, ion exchange resin, electrical insulating products, flame retardant, wet strength agents for paper, and surface active agents, etc.

package and transportation: 200l pvf lined steel(or 200l drums) packing, net weight 180kgs/drum

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